The Feltt Silver Fascinus Phallic Pendant Charm With Beige Pearl Beaded Choker Necklace

Fascinus Pearl Choker 13"

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The winged phallus is an ancient symbol known as “fascinus" or "fascinum". This motif was ubiquitous in Pompeii and appeared as everything from charms and amulets to wind chimes. In Roman culture the fascinus was used to ward off the evil eye--its protective function is attributed to the virile and regenerative powers of an erect phallus, though the emotion, shame, or laughter created by the image of a flying penis is frequently the power that diverts the evil eye. This spirit of humour still resonates today.

Necklace: vintage cream glass pearls, L 13”.

Clasps and ring: 925 sterling silver, L 1”, W 1/2”.
Pendant: 925 sterling silver, L ⅝”, W ¾”.
Made in Canada.

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