Art and Sex-Ed: Betty Dodson on sex, creativity and learning

Betty Dodson was a sex educator and an artist. She passed recently but her words are timeless: “Masturbation is a way for all of us to learn about sexual response. It’s an opportunity for us to explore our bodies and minds for all those sexual secrets we’ve been taught to hide, even from ourselves. What better way to learn about pleasure and being sexually creative? We don’t have to perform or meet anyone else’s standards, to satisfy the needs of a partner, or to fear criticism or rejection for failure. Sexual skills are like any other skills; they’re not magically inherited, they have to be learned.”

Illustrations by Betty Dodson from her book “Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving” (1986) via @wefindwildness

Betty Dodson's Sex For One illustrations of vulva styles

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