Ask The Feltt - “How do I use an anal douche?”

Hi there!

I’m an enjoyer of anal sex and I’m thinking about buying a douche. Do I need to be using one and if so, how do I use it?

Regards, D-Bag


Hey D-Bag!

Lots of folks who enjoy anal pleasure like to use douches to ease their minds. It’s more of a preference than a necessity and usage comes with its own considerations.

Ahead of getting into douching, a fiber-balanced diet helps with regular bowel movements and consistent basic hygiene practices helps to minimize the spread of bacteria. That said, an asshole is an asshole and it’s possible that traces of fecal matter will be present.

What a douche does is flush out your rectum with liquid. To get started, make sure the douche and nozzle are clean—wash them well with soap and water, and if you choose to use a chemical cleaning agent make sure it's fully rinsed off before inserting the nozzle into your bum—the inside of your body is comprised of much more delicate skin than your exterior and can easily be damaged!

Fill the douche with water that is slightly cooler than lukewarm. Again, the tissues on the inside of your body are very delicate. Tap water and saline solutions are okay. DON'T use soap or any other chemical agent as they may irritate or even burn you. Lube up and insert the nozzle gently—don't force it in as that can tear tissue. Get your butthole relaxed with a lubed finger if it helps! Over a toilet, squeeze the bulb to push the water in and let it flow back out, and repeat until the water runs clear. Some people like to wait up to a couple hours to make sure all of the fluid is out. When you’re done, clean the douche with soap and water.

Something you really don’t want to do is go overboard with douching. It’s not recommended to do this more than 2-3 times a week and definitely not more than once a day. Overuse can mess with the rectum, bowels and gastrointestinal tract and your body’s natural internal chemical balance and elimination rhythm. This can lead to problems such as rectal irritation and easier tearing, which can lead to increased risk of infections.

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NB: We use publicly available medical research sources but we are not doctors or health professionals ourselves. Info - Columbia University. Image foreground - Attributed to Pytheos, fragment of one of the marble friezes (c. 350 BC) via British Museum (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). Background - Astro_Alex via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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