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Playing with pleasure and aesthetics also means exploring the potent link between music and eroticism. Science has tried to explain it in different ways: Darwin once theorized that music evolved as a way to attract lovers, and more recently researchers have found that the brain-chemical system that gives us feelings of pleasure from sex (and drugs and food) is also responsible for the experience of musical pleasure. One day we'll write an article on orgasmic music but for now, here are five arousing playlists that cross genres and eras. Follow us here (there will be more in the future, with guest curators hopefully!).

A MOOD: Caught up in a rapture.

 A CRUISE: Sunsets, sweat and sex.

 A BEAT: A pulsing, percolating dark room. Ecstasy into infinity.


A ROMP: It’s play time.

A TRIP: Come fly with us.

Songs are sequenced to flow, but shuffle through if you have to!


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