The Best New Vibrators of 2021 (so far) - We-Vibe Touch X and Tango X review

Best New Vibrators 2021 - We-Vibe Touch X Tango X Review


When We-Vibe released the updated Touch X and Tango X vibrators earlier this year, sex toy internet let out a collective “YESSSS”. The original and much beloved Touch and Tango were already touted as two of the most powerful and reliable compact vibrators on the market and now they’re … better?!?! Is it possible??? With the r&d We-Vibe is known for, yes, it is possible.

So … what’s new?

  • Both toys feature rumblier vibrations and a larger range of intensities.

  • Their control panels have been improved with multiple buttons for different functions.

  • Stronger, larger magnetic charging hubs and new cables that are now uniform with We-Vibe’s more recent products.

  • Improved battery life.

  • New, gorgeous colours! Velvety green and deep midnight blue!

  • Tango X now has a silicone handle for better grip (very handy if you're using a lot of lube). It’s a bit bigger than it was before but still fits inside dildos that have a hollowed out space for bullet vibes.

Tango X and Touch X’s design improvements aren’t just aesthetic—they’re real upgrades that make sense and deliver a better user experience. And while it’s true that Tango X and Touch X are pricier than other compact vibrators, We-Vibe is renowned for creating high quality, reliable, long-term favourites that absolutely deliver when it comes to stimulation.

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