Ask The Feltt - "Where is my g-spot? Does it exist?"

Hey there!

I’ve heard a ton about the g-spot but I don't think I've found mine :(. There are so many articles online and some say the g-spot doesn’t exist at all! Do I have one? If I do how can I be sure it's actually THE g-spot?

Thanks! - G Or No G?

Hey GONG?,

Your confusion is totally understandable as so much has been made of the g-spot over the past several decades and plenty have expressed doubt over its existence. Adding to the confusion is the profusion of clickbait headlines proclaiming that it doesn’t exist or that it absolutely MUST be found to have a great sex life.

“G-spot” doesn’t refer to a distinct body part (like “liver” or “clitoris”). Rather, it is a controversial, conjectural term that refers to an erogenous zone felt a few inches into the vagina, usually when placing pressure on the anterior (front) wall. It may or may not encompass the vaginal wall, internal clitoris, urethral sponge, and all of their erectile and connective tissues and nerves. So, while it’s technically true that it “doesn’t exist” as its own discrete anatomic entity, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a particular area where some people feel strong sexual pleasure when it is stimulated.

I imagine that a person’s sexual organs probably take on their own minor individual variances in size, shape and sensitivity, as with any other part of the body. Think about our faces—we may all have eyes, noses and mouths in common, but some people have eyes that are closer together or further apart, wider or narrower noses, different lip structures. Some people are extremely sensitive to particular kinds of stimulation in specific places, like tickling or nipple pinching, others feel not much at all. My guess is that it’s likely the same with our sex organs and our measures for what is pleasurable—we are going to have individualized and variable responses.

You may or may not have the same response to stimulation as other folks. Work with what you have. It isn’t necessary to find the exact g-spot or any other specific spot that anyone else is talking about. What you CAN do is explore your own body, be present for the things you find pleasurable, and acknowledge the places that feel good to YOU.

There are a variety of vibrators and dildos designed for internal stimulation. They’re usually curved or feature a bended tip, some reach deeper than others. Sometimes the tip is narrower and other times it’s quite broad. Vibrators range in power as well—gentle vibrations for folks who experience a lot of sensitivity and strong vibrations for folks who like a little more.

Try out these toys for g-region stimulation:

We-Vibe Rave Vibrator

One of the best vibrators on the market. Rave is backed by a solid motor and covered in silky smooth silicone. Its asymmetrical shape produces unique, targeted stimulation.

Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

A classic, use-it-forever sex toy in solid, weighty stainless steel, engineered to massage the g-region (or the prostate).

Womanizer Duo Dual Stimulation Vibrator

Duo is the 21st century version of the popular rabbit vibrator, designed to stimulate the g-region and the glans clitoris at the same time.


Tantus Echo Vibrating Silicone Dildo

Tantus' version of a fantasy dildo features the shape of its head repeated all the way down its shaft, designed to ripple against the g-region over and over and over again.


NB: We use publicly available medical research sources but we are not doctors or health professionals ourselves. Info - The Journal of Sexual Medicine (1) (2) (3) (4). Image - Matisse, "Nude in Armchair and Foliage" (c.1937) via WikiArt.


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